Christmas Lunch

The annual Christmas Lunch is a highlight of the City Mission Calendar, we offer lunch for about 700 guests on Christmas Day. 

From August onwards people who want to help out start ringing the Volunteer Co-ordinator to offer their services; as many as 100 in the weeks leading up to Christmas and approximately 200 on Christmas day.

This is the biggest annual event held by the Mission. Volunteers are essential to the event, they help with cooking, preparation of vegetables (peeling 100s of potatoes), salads, desserts, setting up table & chairs, decorating the marquee and the tables, contributing to the spirit of Christmas Day and then cleaning up afterwards. Many of the volunteers enjoy this so much that they return year after year to contribute and share the day with our guests.

If you're interested in helping as a volunteer for the Christmas Lunch, or for further information, please contact Bonnie on  or phone 03 365 0635