Plate up so they can show up

The cost of providing school uniforms can be overwhelming for many Canterbury families who are already surviving on very little. They have no spare money for school uniforms, stationery or even school bags—in fact, the reality is many of these parents can’t afford to put food in their child's lunch box, let alone cover basic uniform costs.

The Christchurch City Mission needs $200,000 to put shirts on backs, shoes on feet and books in bags for children whose parents can’t afford uniforms, stationery, and other basics throughout the school year.

Bayleys Canterbury, together with the Christchurch City Mission, wants every child in Canterbury to have all the tools they need for school. It’s as simple as that.

To do this we are bringing together Canterbury’s top CEOs to take part in Bayleys Plate up for a Purpose. These CEOs will go from the hot seat to the hot plate in a fundraising cooking event. By backing these CEOs, we can help them meet their individual crowdfunding targets, giving every child in Canterbury the chance to get the education they need to succeed.

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